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Yoon Jin-Seo Movie Scene in Beastie Boys

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Before We Talk about Yoon Jin-Seo Movie Scene in Beastie Boys, This is the profile of This Actress : Yoon Jin-seo (born Yoon Soo-kyung, 5 August 1983) is a South Korean actress. Yoon has starred in films such as Oldboy, All for Love, A Good Day to Have an Affair, and Secret Love.[1][2][3] She also appeared in a variety of TV series — historical drama The Return of Iljimae, action comedy The Fugitive: Plan B, and cable romantic comedy Twelve Men in a Year.(Wikipedia)

Beastie Boys Overviews

Beastie Boys (Hangul: 비스티 보이즈; RR: Biseuti Boiseu) is a 2008 South Korean film about male hosts who serve female clients in discreet salons tucked into the affluent fashion districts of southern Seoul.
Its international English title The Moonlight of Seoul is taken from a 1970s short novel by Kim Seung-wook, 서울의 달빛 0장 (“The Moonlight of Seoul – Part Zero”), which explores the aura of Seoul’s nightlife.
In director Yoon Jong-bin’s own words, the film “depicts youths living in the exotic, affluent backdrop of Gangnam and those kicking and screaming to survive in the superficial, capitalistic society.”

Yoon Jin-Seo in Beastie Boys

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Yoon Jin-Seo Movie Scene in Beastie Boys Video

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